Minutes of meeting held October 2017




Cllr. N MacLeod (Chair)

Cllr. M. Russell (Vice-chair)

Cllr J. Forrester

Cllr. M. Winnington

Cllr. R Edwards

G. Whelan (Clerk)

17/73 Apologies

BC R Sutherland and BC S Leighton

16/74 Declarations of interest in the following agenda:

Cllr Winnington declared a prejudicial interest in a planning application 17/27100/PAGR Woodside Farm.

17/75 Previous minutes:

Accepted as a true record.

17/76 Public questions:

No public were in attendance.

17/77 Finance matters

A cheque for £180 was signed for payment of 2017/2018 amenity visits, payable to Stafford Borough Council.

Change of address and authorised signatories forms were signed which will now be submitted to Nat West bank to officially remove former Cllr Williams, and add on Cllr Edwards as authorised signatory.

17/78 Accounts to date:

The only payment to have cleared in the last month was £141 payment to Staffordshire Parish Council's Association.

Grant Thornton has now signed off the last years (2016/2017) annual audit and a £25 invoice is expected shortly.

17/79 Reports:

Footpaths: No footpaths have been walked by councillors in the past month.

Mowing: A cut was completed this month, which is expected to be the last cut of the year.

Highways: There has been flooding in unusual spots. Gullies are only expected to be cleaned every three to four years. Quotes for weed spraying are approximately £65 per hour, however, only actual weeds are sprayed. Another quote has been given for £100. Gulley emptying costs around £1000 a day, with around 120 gullies cleaned in that time. Although in rural areas it expected between 80-90 gullies are cleaned due to travelling. Councillors discussed the possibility of funding the cleaning as a parish, although no decisions were made.

Cllr Winnington highlighted that the county council should have a priority list of work that needs doing on its website.

On Brook Lane, Ranton Green, in vicinity of Orchard Cottage (The Stables), the verge has been dug right out to the tarmac, leaving a considerable drop at the side of the road. Flag up concern from parish.

The former Hand and Clever pub has made a new entrance and cut across the ditch in Brook Lane.

Hedge cutting does not appear to have been carried out yet through the village, although Cllr Winnington stated that it is not likely to happen until February 2018.

Action: The parish clerk will contact both county and borough councils.

17/80 Clerk's reports

Staffordshire Parish Councils' Association is running a course for councillors on becoming an effective councillor. Cllrs MacLeod and Russell have put their names forward for attendance and Cllr Edwards is unsure whether he is free

Action: The Parish clerk will book councillors onto the training course and forward details of the evening training session on 14thNovember 2017.

Ongoing action: Parish clerk to set up a meeting between Ian Knight, Cllr MacLeod and the parish clerk regarding the website and online storage of all the parish council's documents.

17/81 Defibrillator

The defibrillator is now live on the ambulance system. A poster has been displayed highlighting the training session which is booked for Saturday, November 25 2017 at the Village Hall, Ranton. Cllrs Edwards and Russell can attend.

Action: The parish clerk will check room configuration for the training session. Further paperwork needs to be completed online and the parish clerk will look into this.

17/82 Planning updates

Updates on Drive Me and Polytunnels were provided in email by BC Sutherland:

  • Drive Me have agreed to meet with the council's Enforcement Officer, Eddie Owen and BC Sutherland on 1st November to discuss and check exhaust noise levels. Feedback of findings will be provided to the parish council.
  • Polytunnels - The enforcement officer will revisit the site to assess the issue of mud on Coton Lane. However, the last time he visited, the hard standing at the entrance to the field was in place with wheel wash facilities on site. It is understood that these facilities are removed from site when not in use to prevent theft.

Action: Cllr Forrester will respond and follow up on the updates.

17/83Chairman's Questions/Items for Information/Next Agenda

The parish council noticeboard is now repaired and a key given back to parish clerk.

The former parish clerk has received a union jack flag and has passed it on to councillors for their use.

Councillors discussed a village Christmas tree with an approximate budget of £200. It was felt that prices have recently increased (last year's tree cost £300). Councillors discussed the need for clean gullies rather than a Christmas tree.

Action: Cllr Edwards and the parish clerk will obtain a quote for a Christmas tree. New lights will also need buying if a tree is bought.

17/84 To resolve on planning applications.

17/27100/PAGR Woodside Farm - councillors reported no comments.

17/85 Date of next meeting

The parish council meeting on Thursday 18th January, 2018 to be held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Signed.................................................. Date...........................

Gayle Whelan, Ranton Parish Council Clerk