Minutes of the meeting held April 18th 2019



Cllr. M. Russell (Chair)

Cllr N. Macleod

Cllr M Winnington

Gayle Whelan

19/01 Apologies

BC Stephen Leighton

BC Ray Sutherland

18/02 Declarations of interest in the following agenda:


18/03 Previous minutes:

Minutes of April 18th219 were agreed as a true record.

18/04 Finance matters

The forthcoming year's budget was presented to councillors and was agreed by all councillors.

Claiming of VAT is now completed online, however, the form once completed needs to be signed and posted. The council will then receive a unique ID number which will allow VAT refunds in future years to be claimed online.

19/05 Accounts to date: Nat West Bank have still not changed the banking address no statements have been forwarded to the council yet.

19/06 Reports:

Mowing:The village is being mown, however, the verge opposite Church Close is still being left.

Action: Parish clerk to contact Streetscene to ask for this to be mowed each time.

Highways:Brook Lane near halfway house hole in the road. Residents have been advised to complain directly to the council.

Footpaths:Nothing further to report.

Gulleys and weeding: Nothing further to report.

19/07 Clerk's report

The clerk reported that three completed forms were received and therefore, there would be no election for councillors, with the three nominees automatically continuing as parish councillors. However, SBC has stated that another two councillors should ideally be co-opted or else they may take powers to hold another election.

19/08 Planning updates

Printed planning material has not been received in the post and the parish clerk will check whether print outs are routinely being sent out by SBC.

19/09 Chairman's questions/items for information/next agenda

The next meeting will be on held on Thursday, 16 May 2019.

Signed.................................................. Date...........................

Gayle Whelan, Ranton Parish Council Clerk