Minutes of the meeting held March 21st 2019




Cllr. M. Russell (Chair)

Cllr. J. Forrester (Vice-chair)

Cllr N. Macleod

Cllr M Winnington

Gayle Whelan

19/137 Apologies

BC Stephen Leighton

BC Ray Sutherland

18/138 Declarations of interest in the following agenda:


Questions from the public - A total of 28 bollards have been replaced on the village green, however, four plastic reflective bollards remain. Councillors voted as to whether these four should be replaced with wooden bollards to match the existing set. Cllr Russell proposed the vote, seconded by Cllr MacLeod. Cllr Forrester abstained from voting.

Action: Parish clerk will contact Campion Fencing asking for a new quote and to start work if the price is as reasonably quoted beforehand.

The parish council has been asked to consider taking care of the churchyard trees. There is confusion regarding whether the parish council can do this or not dependent on how the 1894 Local Government is interpreted.

Cllr. Cllr Russell will seek advice in writing.

18/139 Previous minutes:

Minutes were agreed as a true record.

18/140 Finance matters

Newsletters printed at a cost of £15 and have been hand delivered across the village.

A cheque for salary of 44 hours for G Whelan was signed (£366.24)

The process for reclaiming VAT has to be completed online, and the process for this has begun. Once completed, forms need to be printed and signed by councillors before being submitted by post as this is a first online application.

The forthcoming year's budget was presented to councillors. Cllr Winnington proposed that the budget be accepted and was seconded by Cllr Forrester. The vote to accept the budget was unanimously agreed.

19/141 Accounts to date: No statements have been forwarded to the council yet by Nat West Bank.

19/142 Reports:

Highways - A hole in the road has opened up by Brook Lane near Halfway House. Residents are advised to complain directly to the council. On Coton Lane, the no HGV sign has been removed. Cllr Winnington advised to speak to county council regarding the missing sign.

At the turning on Orchard Lane there is no junction sign which has been taken out by a car. A further no directional sign has also taken out by a car. Highways have been advised.

Cllr Russell will request a report on when the gulleys in the village will be cleared.

Footpaths - Footpaths by Cllr Winnginton farm has new stiles and is being used by walkers.

19/143 Clerk's report

Election deadlines were presented to councillors. The deadline for completed parish councillor elections is April 4th20193.

19/144 Planning updates

No planning applications have been forwarded to the parish clerk. Parish clerk will contact the council to check that applications are still being posted.

Councillors discussed a property on Long Compton Lane near the old Yew Tree restaurant and want to ensure current work is in their original planning application.

A planning application has been received for 9 Church Lane to build a ménage. 27 Abbeyside has objected as it has a public bridal path. Councillors expressed concern regarding access.

19/145 Chairman's questions/items for information/next agenda

The next parish council meeting will be held on Thursday 18 April 2019 at 7.30pm.

Signed.................................................. Date...........................

Gayle Whelan, Ranton Parish Council Clerk